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If you have concerns that your child is, or has been, the subject of inappropriate sexual contact or approach by another person, it’s vital that you report it to the police via the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre ( If your child is the victim of cyberbullying, this can also be reported online and offline. Reinforce with your child the importance of telling a trusted adult straight away if someone is bullying them or making them feel uncomfortable, or if one of their friends is being bullied online.

Hidden charges – Young technology users can be caught out by games with ‘micro transactions.’ This is where real money can be spent unknowingly in content such as games. Set up your device so that a password only a parent or carer knows is needed for any purchases.

What can we do?

Talk to your child about what they like to do online.

Supervise your child online and know what apps and websites they are using.

Use safety tools on website and parental controls from your internet provider.

Advice for children and for parents. This is from the government’s CEOP – a National Crime Agency that works to prevent the exploitation of children.

Report any contact that you or your child is unhappy with, click on the icon below:

Excellent advice for parents across a range of issues and easy video guides on social media privacy controls, internet filtering and device settings.

Click on the icon below:

Where can I find reliable help?

The UK Safer Internet Centre

Parents and Carers

How to use - Social Media privacy controls

How to use – Internet Service Provider (ISP) filter settings

How to use – Device settings

Safer Internet

Child Line

Net Aware

Walsall Council Online Safety

School staff